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All About Telehandlers

Whether used for agricultural applications or on a construction site, a telehandler is one of the most common industrial pieces of equipment. Despite its frequent use, however, many people confuse these vehicles with forklifts or cranes. A telescopic handler provides some of the benefits of each of these pieces of equipment, making it suitable for a variety of tasks.


What is a Telehandler or Reach Forklift or Boom Forklift?

The answer is simple they are all the same thing.  As the name says, it is a forklift that can reach or boom out.  A forklift can lift a load straight up and down.  A reach forklift can boom out as much as 55 feet.  That is the up and out reach.  If you went straight out it would tip over.


What are Telehandlers used For?

Telehandlers are most commonly used in agricultural, industrial, and construction applications. They are considered versatile since the boom can be extended in a variety of positions. This extension ability gives the telehandler an advantage over a forklift, which elevates loads only in a vertical direction and makes the telehandler closer to a crane regarding its application and operation. Telehandlers are primarily used for lift-and-place tasks. As a result, you can place some telehandler attachments on the boom to accomplish these tasks. Common telehandler attachments include the following:


  • Pallet Forks
  • Bucket
  • Lifting jibs
  • Sweepers
  • Work platforms


These types of attachments may be used for tasks such as moving pallets up or down, grabbing loads of earth to place in various locations, or elevating workers to an aerial location.


Current Telehandler Manufacturers

Many companies, both in the India and abroad, manufacture telehandlers. The increasing popularity of telehandlers has prompted some manufacturers to develop multiple models that include advanced features or ones designed for a specific type of application. The following are some of the companies which produce high-quality telehandlers such as the ones offered through Rentkart.


  • JCB
  • Manitou
  • Genie
  • Bobcat
  • Haulotte
  • Caterpillar (CAT)
  • JLG


Most Popular Telehandler Models available for rentals in India

At Rentkart, you’ll find a lineup of available telehandlers. Although availability will vary depending on your location, the following are some examples of the types of telehandler models you may find for rent.


  • JCB 530-70
  • JCB 530-110
  • JCB 537-135
  • JCB 540-170
  • JLG 4017PS
  • CAT TH460B
  • Manitou MT-X1740SLT
  • Haulotte HTL 4010
  • Haulotte HTL 4014
  • Haulotte HTL 4017


How can you find your best telehandler rental offers?

Visit and search for your needed equipment. You can also find us simply by doing a google search using the following keywords- rentkart telehandler, rentkart telehandler for rent, rentkart telehandler rental price, rentkart telehandler for rent near me, rentkart cat telehandler for rent, rentkart telehandler rent, rentkart telehandler rental rates, rentkart telehandler for rent near me, rentkart telehandler rental costs, rentkart telehandler rental, rentkart telehandler rental near me, rentkart rotating telehandler rental, rentkart telehandler hire, rentkart telehandler for hire, rentkart telehandler hire rates, rentkart telehandler hire near me, rentkart telehandler hire, rentkart telescopic handler rental, rentkart telehandler rental cost, rentkart telescopic handlers.

Common reasons to rent a Telehandler

We provide telehandler rentals across a variety of industries. This equipment’s power, versatility and assortment of attachments makes it ideal for construction, facility maintenance, and utility applications. Multiple factors — including your project timeline and budget — can determine whether a reach forklift / Telehandler rental makes more sense than a purchase. We offer our industry expertise to help you select the right telehandler for your job. Some common reasons for renting a telehandler include:


  • You need a machine with the flexibility to be used for several different applications
  • You have a limited budget, and it is not the right time to purchase a telehandler
  • You would rather pay smaller monthly payments instead of a large upfront cost
  • You want to avoid storing, hauling, or insuring a telehandler
  • You do not want to worry about maintenance or repairs
  • You only need a telehandler for limited use or occasional jobs


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I rent a telehandler?

Rentkart has a variety of telehandlers available to rent. The specific models will vary according to your location and telehandlers currently available.


How long can I rent a telehandler?

When you get your telehandler from Rentkart, you’ll enjoy flexibility in the time frame for your rental. We provide clear, upfront pricing based on daily, weekly, or monthly rentals so that you can choose based on the project at hand as well as your budget.


How much does it cost to rent a telehandler?

Rates for telehandler rentals vary based on two factors: the model you select and the time frame for your rental. Larger models cost more to rent per day, but don’t assume that this time frame isn’t the most cost-efficient way to get the job done. Since larger models have a higher load capacity, you may be able to spend less by getting a project done faster with a larger telehandler. Regarding the time frame for your rental, daily rentals are best for occasions when you’ll complete a project in a few days or less. Otherwise, you’ll get a lower per-day rate with a weekly or monthly rental, allowing you to complete more projects and get a budget-friendly price for your telehandler rental.


What are the benefits of renting vs. purchasing a telehandler?

In many cases, renting a telehandler is preferable to owning one, both in practical terms and considerations for your budget. A rental allows you to pay only for the days when you’ll be using a telehandler. You won’t be responsible for the ongoing maintenance, and your investment won’t decrease in value as time goes on as it would if you owned the telehandler. Further, purchasing a telehandler requires a large upfront cost and locks you into choosing only one telehandler model. When you rent, you can choose the model that’s right for your project, whether you need a telehandler with a 4 Ton load capacity or a space-saving compact telehandler. This variety allows for projects to be completed more efficiently, and you won’t have to handle storing the telehandler between projects.


Rentkart service locations

For a reasonable fee we will deliver your telehandler rental just about anywhere in the India. We currently service all the major states including Delhi - New Delhi | NCR Tamil Nadu – Chennai | Coimbatore | Madurai | Tiruchirappalli  Maharashtra – Mumbai | Pune | Nashik | Aurangabad | Nagpur  Karnataka – Bangalore | Mysore | Mangalore | Hubli-Dharwad Andhra Pradesh – Amaravati | Vishakhapatnam | Vijayawada Telangana – Hyderabad | Warangal | Nizamabad Gujarat – Ahmedabad | Surat | Gandhinagar | Vadodara | Rajkot | Jamnagar Haryana Gurgaon | Chandigarh | Faridabad Uttar Pradesh – Kanpur | Agra | Gorakhpur | Varanasi | Noida | Ghaziabad | Lucknow Rajasthan – Jaipur | Barmer | Jodhpur Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal | Indore Kerala – Kochi | Thiruvananthapuram | Kozhikode | Kollam Chattisgarh – Raipur | Bastar Orissa – Bhubaneshwar | Cuttack West Bengal - Kolkata Bihar - Patna Jharkhand – Ranchi | Jamshedpur | Dhanbad Uttrakhand – Dehradun | Haridwar Punjab – Jalandhar | Ludhiana | Amritsar | Patiala Himachal Pradesh – Shimla | Solan and Assam – Guwahati | Silchar and others.


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