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Compaction Equipment Rentals 


To keep projects moving on time and within budget, it's critical that you have the equipment and tools to tackle every challenge that comes your way. The Rentkart supplier network helps companies like yours access high-performing compaction equipment for rent to meet your short-term or long-term needs. You'll find an extensive selection of compactor rentals manufactured by reputed and trusted brands.

We offer one of the broadest selection of compaction equipment rentals with convenient online browsing and exceptional service and support. Our experienced team will work with you to find the solutions you need to increase fleet flexibility and maximize your bottom line.


Our Compactor Inventory


From vibratory plate compactor rental equipment to soil compactor rental solutions and more, you can count on us to have what you need to get the job done right. Our construction equipment rental options include a full line-up of compactors—landfill, soil, vibratory soil and plate—as well as pneumatic and tandem vibratory rollers. Whether you’re working on rough terrain or on a smooth asphalt surface, we carry a variety of compaction equipment rentals to meet your particular requirements.


Our rental fleet also includes ride-on and walk-behind rollers that offer impressive performance and durability in a compact and maneuverable machine. We carry light compactor rentals including walk-behind plate compactors that are ideal for residential projects and use in narrow spaces. You’ll also find durable and productive rammers designed for exceptional compaction force and comfortable operation. No matter the size of the job, the conditions or complexities, we offer compaction equipment rental solutions for every surface type.

The Advantages of Compaction Equipment Rentals


Renting compactors from the Rentkart provides the ability to supplement your fleet with innovative equipment capable of peak performance in the most rugged environments. These advanced machines feature versatile compaction performance, smooth operating powertrains and exceptional visibility and safety. From industry-leading operator comfort and precision controls to onboard technologies that help you work smarter and more efficiently, there are many benefits to choosing Rentkart.

Rentkart is dedicated to getting you the products you need fast to avoid downtime and disruption to your operation. Our fleet includes late-model, low-hour machines that are meticulously tested and maintained by experienced technicians to ensure safety and reliability. We offer weekly, monthly and custom rental agreements along with a variety of related products and services based on your project specifications.

Reasons to Rent Compaction Equipment


When purchasing new isn't part of the plan, a Rentkart compaction rental is a cost-effective way to get the machines you require. Whether you're looking for light compactors and rammers for a one-time application or heavy-duty compactors for an extended period, you only pay for the models you need when they are in use. Renting is an efficient way to replace a machine undergoing maintenance or repairs or to try out a unit you're considering buying.


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We understand you need equipment and machinery that is capable of working as hard as you do. When you partner with the Rentkart, we make the process of renting as convenient and affordable as possible. You get the quality, selection and value you require along with customer service that will go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied.

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