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Look no further than Rentkart when you're looking for a local scaffolding company specializing in scaffold hiring and supplying heavy duty scaffolds for commercial and industrial use. We are committed to providing safe and high-quality scaffolding services and solutions to all customers.


The Clexen Rentals Pvt. Ltd. owned and managed, Rentkart is the rental supplier of choice for a range of different users and customers across many industries to industrial and commercial scaffold equipment.


Scaffolding services for any project type


Rentkart can be trusted to provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding services that enable any type of project requiring scaffolding to be completed in India, be it in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or anywhere else across the country. These services include scaffold hiring, engineering, as well as additional on-site labor and transportation services, all aimed at improving safety, quality and efficiency in the workplace.

Rentkart ensures a high level of project-wide control and cohesion, eliminating unforeseen delays and improving safety and quality control in the workplace.


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