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Renting equipment makes sense when you’re looking for the exceptional digging, backfilling, trenching and material-handling capabilities of backhoe for a temporary project. Rentkart offers high-quality, well-maintained backhoes available in a variety of models and configurations. You’ll find models with a serviceable extendible stick design featuring joystick controls, as well as a comfortable operator station capable of increasing performance and efficiency. Learn more

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Backhoes are multipurpose earthmoving machines used for trench work, utility street work, loading and more. Backhoes are named for their extending arm that pulls dirt "back" and up from a site. Backhoes — also known as diggers or backhoe loaders — are smaller than excavators and have four wheels that can tread on smooth or rough terrain. 


Backhoes can fit in narrow worksites and trailers where large earthmovers can't. But they can still complete heavy-duty work. There are extensions available for the cab and arms to meet your site needs. 


Backhoe Loader Rentals

Utilized in a broad range of industries, from general construction, demolition and excavation to landscaping, road repair, and oil and gas site preparation, backhoe loaders are versatile machines. If you need a backhoe loader rental for your short or long-term project, the Rentkart is the go-to source for the quality products you require. Our dedicated team of professionals will help you find the right models and get them to you fast to maximize uptime and boost your bottom line.


The Rentkart network includes Nationwide offering access to the broadest construction equipment rental fleet in the industry. We call on our exceptional equipment, technology and application expertise to deliver efficient solutions that save your company time and money. From the reliability and performance of our equipment to the quality of our people and services, we'll work as hard as you do to ensure the job gets done right.




How deep can a backhoe dig?
  • Digging depth depends on the model of the backhoe; the standard backhoe we offer digs up to 14'8''. We also offer bucket extensions that can offer additional 3.5 foot dig. Not sure what you need? Call Rentkart today.


How many yards does a backhoe bucket hold?
  • While we offer multiple backhoe models, typically each bucket can hold around 1.03 cubic yards of soil. Different buckets are available for multipurpose applications.


Is a backhoe the same as an excavator?
  • Backhoes and excavators (specifically mini-excavators) look similar and they can do similar jobs, but they are different in important ways. Typical excavators are much bigger, but mini-excavators can do a lot of the same things backhoes can do. They both have articulating booms, dippers, and buckets and are used for trench work, construction work and more. Excavators don't have wheels; they run on tracks (that is why they are also known as trackhoes), and they have very good traction for slick, muddy sites. Excavators have 360-degree swing rotation, but backhoes only have 180- to 200-degree swing rotation.


How can you find your best Backhoe Loader rental offers?

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A Complete Inventory of Backhoe Rentals

Our backhoe loader fleet features multiple center-pivot models offering a range of standard dig depths and net power ratings. Units are available configured with specialized loader attachments and backhoe attachments based on your specifications. Whether you're moving materials such as soil, and rocks or cutting asphalt, pushing earth and plowing snow, we have a Rentkart backhoe in stock suited to your requirements.


When you rent backhoes from the Rentkart, you're getting a low hour, well-maintained machine capable of peak performance in the most rugged and demanding tasks. All of our units are serviced and inspected at check-in and check-out to ensure strict reliability and durability standards. We provide flexible rates and ongoing service and support from our dedicated team.


Rentkart Backhoe Loaders for Rent

Rentkart earthmoving machines offer exceptional digging, material handling, trenching and back-filling capabilities in a compact frame that can go where bigger machines can't. You benefit from clean-running engines providing the power you need to handle the toughest jobs.


Additional reasons to rent a backhoe from Rentkart include:
  • Operator stations that offer industry-leading comfort
  • Low-effort joystick controls for more precise operation
  • Quick coupling with loader and backhoe work tool attachments


Renting Backhoes from Rentkart

You work hard every day to grow your business and keep pace with demand. The Rentkart network works just as hard to ensure you have all the equipment you need to make progress possible. Whether you're looking to increase your capacity to take on a more significant project or find an economical replacement for a failing machine, we offer the selection, availability and value you require.


Rentkart service locations

For a reasonable fee we will deliver your Backhoe Loader rental just about anywhere in the India. We currently service all the major states including Delhi - New Delhi | NCR Tamil Nadu – Chennai | Coimbatore | Madurai | Tiruchirappalli  Maharashtra – Mumbai | Pune | Nashik | Aurangabad | Nagpur Karnataka – Bangalore | Mysore | Mangalore | Hubli-Dharwad Andhra Pradesh – Amaravati | Vishakhapatnam | Vijayawada Telangana – Hyderabad | Warangal | Nizamabad Gujarat – Ahmedabad | Surat | Gandhinagar | Vadodara | Rajkot | Jamnagar Haryana - Gurgaon | Chandigarh | Faridabad Uttar Pradesh – Kanpur | Agra | Gorakhpur | Varanasi | Noida | Ghaziabad | Lucknow Rajasthan – Jaipur | Barmer | Jodhpur Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal | Indore Kerala – Ernakulam | Kochi | Thiruvananthapuram | Kozhikode | Kollam Chattisgarh – Raipur | Bastar Orissa – Bhubaneshwar | Cuttack West Bengal - Kolkata Bihar - Patna Jharkhand – Ranchi | Jamshedpur | Dhanbad Uttrakhand – Dehradun | Haridwar Punjab – Jalandhar | Ludhiana | Amritsar | Patiala Himachal Pradesh – Shimla | Solan and Assam – Guwahati | Silchar | Goa |  Vishakhapatnam - Vizag and others.


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