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Rentkart® is a company of visionaries, groundbreakers, doers and innovators set on revolutionizing the construction industry. But to do that, we need passionate and capable people – people like you.



Incredible machines are only as good as their operators and we are in search of the best!® (A Clexen Rentals Pvt. Ltd. Company) is a rapidly growing equipment rental start-up located in downtown New Delhi, Delhi. We've developed the india’s first comprehensive online B2B equipment rental and leasing marketplace (think Amazon for equipment rental). The Company’s technology platform (®) enables businesses, organizations and professionals that need to rent (or lease) specialized equipment to easily compare options and prices from a largest Indian network of suppliers and schedule equipment rentals with unprecedented ease and efficiency.



  • Building a foundation.

This is the very beginning! It's a once and a lifetime opportunity to be one of the first. Part of our foundation. It won't be easy as you support the weight of our growth, but it sure will be rewarding. Do you have the smarts, motivation and attitude to make it happen? Do you want to be a part of the team that’s modernizing the billion-dollar rental industry? Is it time you discovered a better place to work?


  • A team of all kinds, working toward one goal.

We’re spread across the nation (and beyond), but we’re connected by our passion for solving problems together. 

We are developing the world’s first comprehensive rental marketplace because it's not easy to spend 200 billion dollars. Yep, you read correctly. The world spends $200 billion a year on equipment rentals and figuring out how to spend that money is not easy.


  • Having the time of your life.

There is a reason we are located at the best entrepreneurial city i.e. Delhi, India. We work to live, not live to work! At the end of the day, and yes, there is an end to the day, we feel good about our effort and find balance in our community.

  • Our people come first, Always.

At Rentkart®, you are more than just an employee, and we want your job to be more than just a paycheck. We put our people and their needs first so you can come to work every day feeling challenged, valued and like you’re making a difference.

  • Do you want to be part of our foundation?

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