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The Rentkart® equipment rental and leasing aggregator is

a brand new sales channel to find customers and grow your business!

As your customer, Rentkart acts as a sales channel by sending you rental opportunities in non-traditional industries. Our supplier partners, in turn, act as our fulfillment department by providing the rentals and great service to our customers.

Rentkart markets to customers all over the nation and in a variety of industries. Through our strong online presence, we’re able to reach customers in non-traditional industries such as Construction, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, and more. Partnering with Rentkart gives you an opportunity to reach additional customers outside of your primary customer base, which leads to an increase in revenue and overall equipment utilization.

No up-front fees

On-time payments

Expand into new territories

Drive more revenue

Simple and intuitive

Your business, our responsibility

Increase your equipment utilization

Reach more customers online

How It Works

We don't just sell, we serve till the very end

We don't just sell, we serve till the very end

  • Request Quotes

    Request quotes for your required equipment through our website, phone call, or even WhatsApp!

  • Compare Options

    Compare supplier options, make a rental selection and sign the contract and get your equipment.

  • Jobsite Delivery

    We’ll ship your order straight to your site location. You can also track it!

  • On-Site Support

    Get help on any breakdown or maintenance issues - we’re here for you 24X7.

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Right from understanding your requirements to its impact on the business to deploying
the most cost-effective rental solution, RENTKART does it all for you.

Renting on RENTKART

Are you a rental company, have a rental department or simply have equipment available for rent?
  • Receive rental opportunities for your specific equipment and send quotes using our proprietary rental quoting platform.
  • Collaborate with renters to understand their needs and influence their equipment decisions.
  • Don't worry about the contracts, billing, customer qualification, customer service, or technology... RENTKART has you covered!

Leasing on RENTKART

Do you want to increase your product sales and take advantage of an un-tapped channel?
  • Sell your equipment into RENTKART leases and get paid up-front and in full.
  • Customers apply for leases directly from your quote and are matched to the exact leasing partner in our diversified network of financial lenders.
  • Don't worry about the application, underwriting, invoicing or risk... RENTKART has you covered!

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