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Why do our construction and residential clients rent mini excavators throughout India from us at Because they appreciate our great selection and amazing rates! Don't have the time to operate your mini excavator rental? Then consider hiring one of our highly-skilled skid steer - they're available at rates that may surprise you. Reserve your machine today! Learn more

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We’re India’s number one rated heavy equipment rental company because we rent reliable earth-moving machines at the most competitive rates.


Choose from a variety of brand name mini excavators that ensure fast and easy completion of any small to medium sized construction project. Mini excavators are great for:

  • Digging holes
  • Creating trenches
  • Demolition
  • Moving earth or snow
  • Repairing sewer lines
  • Removing tree stumps


Whether it’s for digging, moving or loading, we have the right mini excavator for you. Browse our selection of excavators below to book your rental today.


Mini-Excavators Rental

Rentkart offers a fleet of mini-excavators for your various jobs' needs. This equipment has the compact size of a backhoe but the heavy-duty tracks and 360-degree swing of an excavator. These compact excavators are ideal for loading, dumping or trenching on a muddy, narrow jobsite. 


Our mini-excavators range in sizes. Our smallest 3,000-lbs. machine is ideal for jobsites with weight restrictions, and our largest 18,000-lbs. compact excavator can dig swimming pools, utility trenches and more. 




How much does a mini-excavator weigh?
  • We have divided our fleet of mini excavators by weight. Our smallest compact excavator has an operating weight of 3,000 lbs. and our largest has an operating weight of 18,000 lbs. By comparison, our smallest standard size excavator weighs 44,000 lbs. 


What can a mini excavator do?
  • A mini excavator can do most of what other earthmoving equipment can do. It has a boom, stick, and bucket for trenching, loading, and dumping soils. It is different from other loading equipment, like a backhoe, because it has tracks instead of wheels, making it more productive in wet conditions. We also offer attachments such as breakers or hammers, augers and different sizes of buckets.


How wide is a mini excavator?
  • Width depends on the model of mini excavator. Smaller compact excavators start at 3' wide, and larger models can be about 7' wide. This does not include the articulating arm as it is swinging. Measure your jobsite and ensure you will have enough space for a mini excavator to move around comfortably and safely. 


Can a mini excavator remove tree stumps?
  • Operators have used mini excavators for all sorts of landscaping and clearing jobs, including stump removal. Before you choose a mini excavator, you'll have to consider how large and tough the tree is and how deep the roots go. You want to choose a compact excavator that has the power and lift to remove the stump without damaging the equipment. Rentkart also offers thumb attachments for our mini excavators that can assist in stump removal.


Renting Vs. Buying a Mini Excavator

Rent a mini excavator in India from Rentkart when buying new isn’t quite in the books. Renting is a viable solution that’s less expensive and helps you avoid the initial upfront cost of purchasing new equipment. Other advantages of renting vs. buying include the ability to:

  • Choose between different weights and sizes of machines that parallel your tasks
  • Eliminate the worry of maintenance expenses
  • Gain more access to a range of equipment
  • Invest in the latest models we offer
  • Obtain an immediate solution for one-time or short-term projects
  • Receive tested and maintained machines from our trained technicians
  • Replace an out-of-service machine
  • Save on storage costs
  • Test different makes and models of excavators before buying


Renting can boost your operations in situations where you’re gaining your foundations as a new business or are trying to be cost-conscious with short-term contracts. When you rely on Rentkart, you know our professionals test each engine to ensure superior performance levels. We inspect all components to make sure you’re getting the most out of your mini excavator rental.


Rentkart service locations

For a reasonable fee we will deliver your Mini Excavators rental just about anywhere in the India. We currently service all the major states including Delhi - New Delhi | NCR Tamil Nadu – Chennai | Coimbatore | Madurai | Tiruchirappalli  Maharashtra – Mumbai | Pune | Nashik | Aurangabad | Nagpur Karnataka – Bangalore | Mysore | Mangalore | Hubli-Dharwad Andhra Pradesh – Amaravati | Vishakhapatnam | Vijayawada Telangana – Hyderabad | Warangal | Nizamabad Gujarat – Ahmedabad | Surat | Gandhinagar | Vadodara | Rajkot | Jamnagar Haryana - Gurgaon | Chandigarh | Faridabad Uttar Pradesh – Kanpur | Agra | Gorakhpur | Varanasi | Noida | Ghaziabad | Lucknow Rajasthan – Jaipur | Barmer | Jodhpur Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal | Indore Kerala – Ernakulam | Kochi | Thiruvananthapuram | Kozhikode | Kollam Chattisgarh – Raipur | Bastar Orissa – Bhubaneshwar | Cuttack West Bengal - Kolkata Bihar - Patna Jharkhand – Ranchi | Jamshedpur | Dhanbad Uttrakhand – Dehradun | Haridwar Punjab – Jalandhar | Ludhiana | Amritsar | Patiala Himachal Pradesh – Shimla | Solan and Assam – Guwahati | Silchar | Goa |  Vishakhapatnam - Vizag and others.


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