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Sometimes you need to work day and night to get it done, which is why Rentkart offers a range of commercial and maintenance night-lighting solutions. They’re quick to set up, easy to reposition, hydraulically raised, adjustable and suitable for a wide variety of applications and weather conditions. So don’t get left in the dark, visit Rentkart and shed some light on the situation. Learn more

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Explore Our MLT Rentals

There is a portable mobile lighting towers and for every need.

The Rentkart mobile lighting towers hire were designed to offer the widest choice when it comes to finding the mobile lighting tower rental that is right for your application. Our mobile lighting towers for sale and rental provides a wide range of industries with a flexible and dynamic set of lighting options, while addressing all aspects of efficiency and safety. You can also be assured of the robust build quality and compact size of mobile lighting towers rental for which rentkart is nationwide recognized. 


Rentkart’s MLT for rent and mobile lighting tower rental in Chennai lighten up your work areas to improve your workforce efficiency and overall productivity and also ensures safety during constructional activities during dark hours. Rentkart mobile light towers for rent will fulfil your needs with complete satisfaction. We customize solutions for our clients. We have used mobile lighting towers for sale and led mobile lighting towers which run on DG set and also have mobile solar lighting towers options or both.


Mobile light towers for rent 

Having India’s largest light towers rentals infrastructure, Rentkart offer extremely reliable and durable illumination solutions of light towers for rent.

Our Dedicated service team will have you in and out within minutes. Compact in presence, yet corrosion resistant inbuilt and manufacture, our light towers rental is tested and installed by an expert team with the highest level of experience and familiarity.

Our large fleet of trucks can deliver your portable light towers for rent almost anywhere within Indian Boundaries.


Mobile Lighting Towers on Hire

Towable Light Towers provide cost-effective floodlighting for nighttime maintenance, construction, mining and emergency work. We have units that run on diesel, electric or solar power.


When you’re working on an outdoor job, there can never be too much light. Whether it’s extra lighting for a job that requires careful attention and precision or working in low-light situations in the evening or at night, a powerful light tower is a real aid. At Rentkart, we offer light towers for rent that are convenient, practical and powerful for all of your lighting needs.


Rentkart service locations

For a reasonable fee we will deliver your mobile lighting tower rental just about anywhere in the India. We currently service all the major states including Delhi - New Delhi | NCR Tamil Nadu – Chennai | Coimbatore | Madurai | Tiruchirappalli  Maharashtra – Mumbai | Pune | Nashik | Aurangabad | Nagpur Karnataka – Bangalore | Mysore | Mangalore | Hubli-Dharwad Andhra Pradesh – Amaravati | Vishakhapatnam | Vijayawada Telangana – Hyderabad | Warangal | Nizamabad Gujarat – Ahmedabad | Surat | Gandhinagar | Vadodara | Rajkot | Jamnagar Haryana - Gurgaon | Chandigarh | Faridabad Uttar Pradesh – Kanpur | Agra | Gorakhpur | Varanasi | Noida | Ghaziabad | Lucknow Rajasthan – Jaipur | Barmer | Jodhpur Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal | Indore Kerala – Ernakulam | Kochi | Thiruvananthapuram | Kozhikode | Kollam Chattisgarh – Raipur | Bastar Orissa – Bhubaneshwar | Cuttack West Bengal - Kolkata Bihar - Patna Jharkhand – Ranchi | Jamshedpur | Dhanbad Uttrakhand – Dehradun | Haridwar Punjab – Jalandhar | Ludhiana | Amritsar | Patiala Himachal Pradesh – Shimla | Solan and Assam – Guwahati | Silchar | Goa|  Vishakhapatnam - Vizag and others.

High Performance and Convenience

Every piece of construction equipment needs to offer high performance and useful convenience. You don’t want to be slowed down due to a lack of light or a difficulty in placing your light tower. Our rental light towers here at Rentkart® combine powerful lighting and ease of transportation to give you a real advantage:

  • Lighting power of 5,000 watts thanks to a four-light configuration.
  • A large 8 kW generator providing ample lighting power.
  • Diesel power for reliable running and fuel efficiency.
  • A towable chassis for ease of transportation and positioning.


You need a light tower to keep your crews safe and working effectively. Let us take care of the details and supply you with the equipment you need.


The Benefits of Renting MLTs from Rentkart®

It isn’t always necessary or advantageous to own all your own construction equipment. In some cases, there’s a real advantage to your business to rent equipment when you need it:


  • Convenience: You can rent a light tower from Rentkart for the exact amount of time you need it. You rent it at the start of your job and return it when you’re done. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to store it when it’s not in use.
  • Investment:Investing in equipment that doesn’t get used frequently can tie up precious capital that could be better used elsewhere. Renting allows you to keep your cash flow working for you as you see fit, instead of sitting in unused equipment.
  • Maintenance: When you rent a light tower from Rentkart, we take care of all of the maintenance. We ensure your equipment is ready to go when you pick it up and thoroughly inspect and maintain it between uses.


With this kind of lighting power, there’s nothing stopping you and your crews from seeing exactly what you’re doing. Extra lighting not only makes the tasks at hand easier, but also increases the safety of everyone working on your site. Adequate lighting increases safety in several ways:

  • It allows your crew on foot to see exactly what they’re doing and avoid any dangers with equipment and uneven terrain or when working around a pit or hole.
  • It provides increased lighting for operation of moving equipment such as tractors, loaders and graders, which don’t always have adequate lighting built in.
  • It makes your crew members more visible to passing traffic during highway work and road work, meaning they’re less likely to be struck or injured.


With all of these advantages, it’s clear to see why our Rentkart® light towers are such a popular item. All that’s left to do is contact our team and ask for a quote. Tell us about your light tower rental needs, and we’ll do what we can to provide you with the light tower that suits your job.


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